Blending A Gentle Feast History + Beautiful Feet Books

So we are into week six of cycle one form one of A Gentle Feast (see link in menu). This will be our last week before taking a nice long maternity leave and starting back up around Labor Day most likely. A Gentle Feast is our main curriculum and then we are adding in BeautifulContinue reading “Blending A Gentle Feast History + Beautiful Feet Books”

Homeschooling Resources

A flourishing homeschool does not need to include any particular item on this list. A homeschool requires a few essentials; a cheerful mother, a library card, access to outdoors, possibly a few local used-book stores, and probably some form of a curriculum of your own choosing. However, today I’m sharing other items that we areContinue reading “Homeschooling Resources”

The Journey Begins

Hello and thanks for joining! We’ve just begun our First Grade year of home education using A Gentle Feast curriculum and we couldn’t be more excited. In the past, I’ve used the Peaceful Press curriculum (Peaceful Preschool, Playful Pioneers for Kindergarten). I plan to use Habitat Schoolhouse (Pre-K) and the Ambleside Online booklists for myContinue reading “The Journey Begins”