What is and How to Use a Book of Centuries

WHAT IS A BOOK OF CENTURIES? A Book of Centuries is simply a book to document all of your historical learning throughout your home education journey. Starting a Book of Centuries (BoC) is an excellent way for any homeschool to keep record of all the people, places, and events that they are learning about! ThereContinue reading “What is and How to Use a Book of Centuries”

How to Establish a Quiet-Time with your Children and Why it’s Important

Every single morning in our home starts out like the opening scene to Love Actually. You remember, loved ones embracing in the airport like they haven’t seen each other in years. Yes, that’s us first thing in the morning. The two year old will say, “I misst yoooouuu” as I scoop her up, bed-head andContinue reading “How to Establish a Quiet-Time with your Children and Why it’s Important”

Protecting our Children from Zombie-Mommy

I get it. You’re a mama desiring to give your children a beautiful, magical childhood and education through Charlotte Mason homeschooling but you think, “how can I possibly be around them all the time.” They’re little now and you’re sleep deprived and you are giving and giving and giving, only to wake up to doContinue reading “Protecting our Children from Zombie-Mommy”

Narrations + Recitation; Cycle I Term II Exams

We completed exams for A Gentle Feast for this term. Hooray! We will have a family celebration next week with grandparents and treats as a way to celebrate their work. She will recite all of her work, verse, poetry, etc, and display all of her drawings, nature journal, handicrafts, etc. By having these little end-of-termContinue reading “Narrations + Recitation; Cycle I Term II Exams”

Kindergarten with the Peaceful Press

I simply wanted a place to share and document what our early (early!) years looked like. We use A Gentle Feast now but wanted to keep a place dedicated to what our learning time prior to “formal lessons” looked like. This time was very child-led and is not what I would recommend if your childContinue reading “Kindergarten with the Peaceful Press”

Avoid this Mistake when Teaching

The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom was the first living book I vividly remember reading. I was about eight or nine years old and I stumbled upon it in our basement while searching for yarn or something in the many random bins we had down there. I’m sure I read books previous to thisContinue reading “Avoid this Mistake when Teaching”

How to do a Picture Study

Picture Studies are apart of our Morning Time routine and they can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes. You can find Miss Mason’s steps for a “Picture-Talk” in her Home Education volume on pages 310-311, but I will lay out the steps here for you as well. In addition to a formal picture study during lessons,Continue reading “How to do a Picture Study”

Black + White Spiral Sable

Totally not home school related but hey, just something fun! We love these little biscuit cookies and the recipe yields so many so they’re perfect for around the Holidays, sending little baggies off to whomever to say “hello, just thinking of you.” So here ya go! This recipe is from my favorite cookbook: Cook’s Illustrated.Continue reading “Black + White Spiral Sable”

Language Arts the Charlotte Mason way

So before you read this, yes we do Language Arts in our jammies sometimes and yes, my daughter is eating Cinnamon Squares from Trader Joe’s while doing it. 😉 Just keeping it real for you guys. Second thing I’d like to preface is WHY did I choose the CM way of home education/Language Arts specifically.Continue reading “Language Arts the Charlotte Mason way”