What is and How to Use a Book of Centuries


A Book of Centuries is simply a book to document all of your historical learning throughout your home education journey. Starting a Book of Centuries (BoC) is an excellent way for any homeschool to keep record of all the people, places, and events that they are learning about! There will be two pages to document one century; one side for dates, events, and names, the other side for drawing pictures of artifacts from that time. A BoC differs from a Century Wall Chart (or Timeline); these are used by older students who decide what to fill in and do that for themselves.


In our curriculum, Form II students will keep their own BoC beginning around fourth grade, but you can keep a family BoC at anytime which is what we will do! This way the children learn how to do one before they start their own, and it’s beautiful for mamas to make their own connections in self-education as well. To keep one, you simply buy or make your own BoC, then choose what you would consider the most characteristic events to document in the appropriate space alloted for that time in history. No two books will be alike! You will also illustrate artifacts and items from different events in each century. (ships, weapons, musical instruments, etc.)


I purchased mine from Riverbend Press. These are quality bound books that will last a lifetime! There are other great options as well. You can find a FREE Basic Book of Centuries HERE. Another option is pictured below and it can be found HERE. (This will be my daughters’ when she is old enough.)

You will want to use a waterproof pen like THIS one in case you add a little watercolor to your drawings. As for drawing illustrations, Edwin Tunis has a great series of books for help in finding and drawing artifacts.

Century Wall Timelines are different, and they can be found HERE.

To read an excerpt from The Parents’ Review by G. M. Bernau on the Book of Centuries, click HERE. And to watch a video by Sonya Shafer describing how to use a BoC, click HERE. I hope this was helpful and that you practice the art of keeping one soon!

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3 thoughts on “What is and How to Use a Book of Centuries

  1. would love to see examples of how you’ve filled your book of centuries in with AGF! I’m loving learning with my kids and this feels like I have permission to document what I’m learning along with them. (Even though I’m a grown up and can do what I want! LOL, why do I need to feel I have permission!)


  2. Hello! Love this post, thank you! I am curious which Edwin Tunis books you have/recommend. We use AGF too. 🙂 TIA!


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