Reasons for a Schoolroom

You do not NEED a designated schoolroom; education is an atmosphere of real world living and feeling and it starts within a mother’s heart and attitude. Once lessons begin, connections, narrations, and conversations will flow from your studies and your whole space will be touched with memories of learning. But at this point for us, here are my four reasons why we enjoy having a designated schoolroom.

1.) The Habit of Lessons: (The mindset of our Motto)

Having a designated space for learning and table work simply helps with our mindset! Lessons aren’t always at the table, but learning in the schoolroom seems to help with the habit of attention for us. Narrations and literature difficulty will only build from here on out, so I simply want to establish the mindset of our motto (I am, I can, I ought, I will) by the repetition of our physical space at this time early on. I’m sure at some point, we will be able to complete our work anywhere on any day, but right now “schoolroom” mentality aids in building the habit of attention for us.

2.) We can leave the mess!

I have a storage closet right next to my chair and it’s easy to tuck the bulky math basket away when we’re done, but if we’re right in the middle of a lesson and need to go somewhere, we can pause without having to put things away! I love that. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to be using our dining table instead but I enjoy having the majority of that space tidy and ready for meals.

3.) Different stations for bouncing around with multiples.

Our schoolroom is at the other end of our dining room/den. So the toddler might be at the vintage desk, my son might be at dining table, and first grader at school table working independently. It’s a juggling act but having the designated spots helps me do it! In other words, the physical separation helps us all focus a little better.

4.) Lastly, Supplies all in one place!

Our schoolroom consists of a pedestal table, bookshelves, storage closet, and a nature table! Oh and I use our hutch for dishes but also some books and school supplies as well. I love having once place/room for everything “school” related. Maybe it’s just my type A personality but if it helps me function better, it will help the household function better.

And having a schoolroom doesn’t always mean it’s where work HAS to be done. We might feel more comfortable elsewhere on a random day, but I still like having the option and structure open. Hope this was helpful or inspiring if you’ve been on the fence or just want to change it up in your own home!

Thanks for reading!

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