Homeschooling Resources

A flourishing homeschool does not need to include any particular item on this list. A homeschool requires a few essentials; a cheerful mother, a library card, access to outdoors, possibly a few local used-book stores, and probably some form of a curriculum of your own choosing.

However, today I’m sharing other items that we are either saving our pennies for, requesting as future gifts from family, or items that we enjoy using currently. These resources beautify our space or simply enhance our learning experience in some small way.

List of homeschool resources:

Schoolroom: (or learning space)

Ticonderoga Pencils

Bamboo Book Holders

Menus for Morning Time

Rolly Carts

Laminator (We use one like this but there are so many options)

Cavallini Nature Inspired Posters

Wooden Montessori Letters

Living Books (found in many places, Beautiful Feet books being one excellent option)

Quality Poetry and Fairy Tale Books

Botanicum series

Maps Book

Treasures from Jennifer (So many fun and beautiful supplies there)

Theology cards

Nature Studies:

Handbook of Nature Studies by Anna Botsford Comstock

Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards

Life-cycle Models

Peterson or Golden Field Guides

Companies/shops for supplies and printable downloads: Lilbellies, Twig+Moth, Tanglewood Hollow, Silvan-Reverie, Fire-fly Nature school to name a few.

Nature Anatomy (and Farm Anatomy)

Mother Culture/Charlotte Mason

Simply Charlotte Mason (picture studies, BoC’s, etc…)

All-in-one Journals (Commonplace, Nature Journal, etc…)




Water Brushes

Hope this was helpful as you navigate your own homeschooling journey! Cheers. Xx

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