FREE Daily Chicken Wellness Exam Sheet

We lost our sweet Leaf to gapeworm a few days after Christmas 2020. I’ve had this flock for only 6 months and simply didn’t know which signs of illness to look out for. She was always the runt chicken and there may have been some genetic components that simply made her more susceptible to disease (gapeworm is much more common in smaller chickens for example), but regardless, I was very unprepared for her illness and death.

I made this Wellness Exam Sheet in honor of Leaf and I hope you will use it to protect your own flock to the best of your abilities too. The signs of health and illness chart and the flock history chart are pulled directly from this fantastic book recommended from my two dear friends and fellow chicken-keepers. The book is titled: The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerow. You can find it HERE.

For the FREE Daily Chicken Wellness Exam Sheet, simply click below! Enjoy and happy chicken-keeping!

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A mountain mama raising four wild ones in the beaUTAHful SLC.

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