Christina’s Crumb

Homemade Sourdough from my kitchen to yours.

Welcome to Christina’s Crumb! I’m Christina, a homeschooling mama with a passion for homemaking. When I’m not with the children or in the kitchen, you can find me in the climbing gym with my two amazing climbing partners or in the chicken coop with my feathered friends!

Christina’s Crumb started all because my sweet friends love my loaves so much and so I thought I’d make them available to anyone! We hope you enjoy your homemade sourdough loaf as much as they do.

You will find only FOUR lovely ingredients in your loaf.

1.) Organic and unbleached flour

2.) Redmond Real Salt

3.) Wild Starter/Levain created in 2020

4.) Alkaline water from Water and Wellness

This organic sourdough loaf is not gluten-free but it is a healthier option over regular bread because it is low-gluten since it has fermented for over fifteen hours allowing the wild yeast to break down the gluten protein making the bread more bioavailable and easier to digest!

Suggested: since there are no preservatives in this bread, please freeze what will not be eaten in 5 days. This bread is called pain de champagne and it does improve with age for a few days after baking and can last nearly a week. Ours never last more than a day. 😉

Thank you for your support and love of levain!

Interested in purchasing a sourdough loaf? Submit your email and simply wait for news on how to get your hands on one! 😉 Thanks for visiting.

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